Christmas is coming... and THE STORM is here!!

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Hi there! Wow, what a few months it's been! Fall, my very favorite season, finally came and just as quickly, it was Thanksgiving and now we're getting ready for Christmas! We decorated the tree last weekend... well, I use the term decorated loosely because we technically only decorated the top half, so our 14 month old (who is officially walking!) couldn't reach the ornaments. Ah, the baby phase... gotta love it. Henry, my 3 and 1/2 year old really got into it this year; we had a blast. It's so beautiful how children can make Christmas so much more magical. As I'm writing this, a smile crosses my face and I think I love, love, love this time of year. And, there's still so much to do. We're set to hang the outside lights this weekend... we'll see how that goes. I've got almost all of the house decorations up - plan to finish-up completely this weekend. One of my favorite decorations is a very old, wooden "Noel" train that has been passed down in my family from generation to generation. What's funny is that while I was growing up, we created this silly little tradition where someone (all of us, multiple times) would secretly change it to say "Leon." No one would acknowledge or address it; someone would just correct it, and then sure enough, a few hours later it would be "Leon" again. So, now, the train sits in my house where it loving spells out "Leon."


Now on to Berry Springs news...


The third book in the series, THE STORM comes out today! I’m super excited about this book; it’s a whodunit murder mystery at it's core, featuring the swoon-worthy detective Dean Walker, and smart, independent Psychologist Heidi Novak, and a motley crew of suspects. It's a story about haunted pasts, revenge, and finding unexpected love in the darkest of places. The reviews from the advanced copies that I sent out are starting to trickle in; so far so good! Check it out, I hope you enjoy!

The Storm is a beautifully written whodunnit, sprinkled with suspense and hot romance. The author does a good job of creating a mix of fun, well-developed characters, that kept me guessing who the murderer was. I couldn’t put it down!
— Goodreads reader
LOVED it! Great storyline and characters. The Storm has it all; mystery, suspense, romance. I knew I was really into it when I found myself thinking about the book, and wondering what would happen, when I laid down to go to sleep. I read it in two days.
— Goodreads reader
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More Berry Springs news... 

THE LAKE (ebook) is **FREE** through Wednesday 12/06! I began the promo this weekend and couldn't believe it—The Lake hit #1 on Amazon in three different categories! Thanks (SO MUCH!) to everyone who downloaded it!!



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