Release Day! Black Rose Mystery Book 4, Evil Eye, IS HERE!!


(Confession: I loved Saved by the Bell.)

(Confession: I loved Saved by the Bell.)

Known for her exotic tattoos, peace sign T-shirts, and master interrogation skills, Scarlett Knight rounds up the crew of Black Rose Investigations for an evening of drinks, but Fiona is nowhere to be found—and nothing keeps Fi away from an ice-cold beer. Something isn’t right, and following her gut, Scar goes to Fiona’s last known location, which leads her to a creepy librarian rumored to be part of a witches coven, a missing teenager, and a dead body—but no Fiona. Fearing the worst, Scar makes a secret deal in return for Fiona’s location... but can she trust the source?

After a split-second decision cost him his career in the Army Special Forces five years earlier, Luke West accepted a position at Devil’s Den Police Department, only to lose his first case to the interview queen herself, Scar Knight. Luke still catches crap from the guys about it, so when he hears about a missing girl, he’d be damned if he let Scar outshine him again, even if her striking beauty could outshine any woman in town, or the tristate area for that matter.

Scar has twenty-four hours to solve the case of the missing teen and find Fiona before it’s too late, and she’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means putting herself in harm’s way…

I hope you enjoy!

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