McKinney Spring Update and Book News...

Hi there!


Spring is in full bloom here at the McKinney house. A few weeks ago, we completed the much-dreaded top-to-bottom spring cleaning, and although it's never "fun", it always feels good to get it done. Out with the winter, clutter, and stagnant air; in with organization and a fresh spring breeze blowing through the (clean) windows. I still have a bit to do in my office, but that always seems to take a backseat to my writing, which I've done a lot of lately. More on that in a bit.

Along with cleaning came the planting, filling all the sad, lonely pots with happy little flowers—always begonias and impatiens, my mom's favorites. These flowers have such a warm place in my heart, not to mention you don't need a green thumb to get them going. (Believe me, I *do not* have a green thumb... not even light green). They grow quickly and abundntly—very pretty. Last year, a sweet woman (I assume woman because most men aren't hardwired to give random compliments ;) ) put an anonymous note in our mailbox telling us how nice our front walkway looked. Yet another reason to stick with begonias and impatiens. I *almost* threw out this cute, bright owl pot I purchased for pennies years ago, that's cracked to hell, but no, I decided he had one more year left in him. And to commit even further, I named him Gerald. Pic below.

For Mother's Day this year, my husband took care of our kiddos while mommy went on an early morning hike, for some much needed alone time. If you haven’t already noticed from my books, I’m a huge fan of nature. There’s just something so peaceful and calming about being out in the middle of the woods, so still, and so powerful... perhaps because it reminds us to be totally in the moment. No TV, no computers, no damn phones. Just the truest form of beauty, all around you. Makes me so appreciative and just resets me. It was exactly what the doctor ordered... well, that and the massive brunch and peach bellini I came home to. Pics below, starting with me leaving the house at 6:30am!

Last weekend I attended a fantastic event called Books in Bloom in Eureka Springs, AR, which is one of my favorite places. I had a blast and met so many wonderful people and amazing authors. It's a celebration of all things books, so really, a book lovers paradise. If you're around next year, I highly recommend checking it out!

Now that the weather's warmer, the kids and I can spend more time outside, which means I get to spend a lot more time writing while they're occupied in the dirt. This brings me to the first bit of book news—Black Rose Mystery Book #4 releases June 26th and is now available for pre-order! Check out the cover and blurb below. This is Scar and Officer Luke West's story.

Evil Eye - eBook.jpg

Known for her exotic tattoos, peace sign T-shirts, and master interrogation skills, Scarlett Knight rounds up the crew of Black Rose Investigations for an evening of drinks, but Fiona is nowhere to be found—and nothing keeps Fiona away from an ice-cold beer. Something isn’t right, and following her gut, Scar goes to Fiona’s last known location, which leads her to a creepy librarian rumored to be part of a witches coven, a missing teenager, and a dead body—but no Fiona. Fearing the worst, Scar makes a secret deal in return for Fiona’s location, but can she trust the source?

After a split-second decision cost him his career in the Army Special Forces five years earlier, Luke West accepted a position at Devil’s Den Police Department, only to lose his first case to the interview queen herself, Scar Knight. Luke still catches crap from the guys about it, so when he hears about a missing girl, he’d be damned if he let Scar outshine him again, even if her striking beauty could outshine any woman in town, or the tristate area for that matter.

Scar has twenty-four hours to solve the case of the missing teen and find Fiona before it’s too late, and she’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means putting herself in harm’s way…


I had a blast writing Evil Eye and am currently knee-deep in book #5, Sinister Secrets. Look for that one this summer.

The reviews for the Black Rose Mystery Series are starting to trickle in, and I'm thrilled! As always, if you've read and enjoyed them, please write a review! If you haven't had a chance to pick one up yet, here's the link to the first book in the series, Devil's Gold—CLICK HERE.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more news about sales, giveaways, and promos!

Until next time,