McKinney Motivational January 2019

I originally posted this on Facebook on New Years Day, but am going to start including my “McKinney Motivationals” on my blog, too. Enjoy! 😉💕 (Click HERE to follow me on FB!)

This is the beginning of anything you want..png

I’m into stuff like this. I just think we’re so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for and sometimes motivational quotes help remind us of that. So, on that note, I’m going to send out a little motivation on the first of every month, and for January 1st, this is a damn good one. I am someone who truly believes you can do whatever you want to do, be whatever you want to be. My mom instilled this in me as a little girl and laid the groundwork for a decades-long quest of trying to figure out what the hell I was meant to do professionally. I finally found my true passion, my dream, dove in headfirst and with blind faith, fully dedicated myself to it. I spend every day working toward the hefty goals I’ve set for myself and it’s been an awesome journey. Even the sleepless nights, times of feeling like I wasn't good enough, and moments of utter embarrassment are one-million percent worth it. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. It's all part of taking a risk and challenging yourself, and the little hurdles along the way make the reward so much sweeter. This year, go chase your dream. Finally, just do it. Silence the paralyzing “what if’s” and the “it’s just not a good time.” Take that first step, and then the next, and the next. Yep, you’re going to fall on your face, be humbled beyond belief, but at the end of the day, you’ll know you did something—SOMETHING—to work toward a deeper happiness and to better your position in life, whatever that looks like for you. Through the journey, you’ll be reminded of how strong you are and also of that God-given GRIT that lives in all of us. And eventually, you’re going to sit back with a glass of wine, or beer, or whatever, smile, and say, “I f*cking did it.” Happy New Year, guys. Today is the beginning of anything you want. Make it count. I'm off to chase that dream of mine...

- Amanda

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