THE SHADOW is coming...👏

Are you ready to curl up with another sexy murder mystery?? 😍 THE SHADOW, book 6 in the award-winning Berry Springs series is available for pre-order! This is Payton's story (from THE CREEK... but don't worry if you haven't read that one yet, each book is a standalone romantic suspense), and features criminal profiler Eli Archer... 

A gruesome murder linking to a famous painting sends FBI Criminal Profiler Eli Archer down a path of lies, deceit... and infatuation.

Sound good? Check it out! ⬇️

Eli Archer has been called many things at Bureau, but carefree and light-hearted aren’t two of them. As one of the FBI’s top criminal profilers, Eli spends his days inside the minds of sadistic serial killers, and he’s got the brooding eyes and permanently packed suitcase to prove it. Days, murderers, and dead bodies blend together until he gets a call about a homicide that’s shockingly similar to a case that haunts him. He catches the next flight to the small, southern town of Berry Springs even though there’s no way the cases are connected because he already caught the killer… unless he didn’t.

Payton Chase grew up in a family rich in money, dysfunction, and secrets, leaving her with a mountain of cash and emotional brick wall to match. Determined to gain independence from her past, Payton buries herself in work, chasing her dream of becoming a network news anchor. When a young woman is found tortured to death, Payton is certain that this is the opportunity to catapult her into the spotlight… she just has to figure out how to work with the secretive—and incredibly sexy—federal agent who’s on the case.

A heat wave is blazing through the mountains as the pressure mounts for Eli to piece together the psychological puzzle that leads to the suspect. Among the list is a crass, eccentric woman who happens to be the step-mother of a local journalist who has become his shadow since arriving in town. As Payton and Eli’s chemistry steams hotter than the humidity, another victim is found that looks eerily like Payton, and Eli fears she may just get her lead story… with her name as the headline.