*Winner of the 2018 Golden Leaf for Romantic Suspense* *2018 Maggie Award for Excellence Finalist* *2018 Silver Falchion Award Finalist* *2018 Beverley Finalist* *2018 Passionate Plume Honorable Mention Recipient*     “The Storm is a beautifully written whodunnit, sprinkled with suspense, danger, and hot romance. The author does a fantastic job of creating a mix of fun, well-developed characters that kept me guessing who the murderer was. I couldn’t put it down!”  — Goodreads member   “LOVED it! Great storyline and characters. The Storm has it all: mystery, suspense, romance. I knew I was really into it when I found myself thinking about the book when I laid down to go to sleep. I read it in two days.”  — Amazon Customer  On a pitch-black wintry night, Detective Dean Walker finds a man in the middle of an icy road, with a bullet between his eyes—a murder that is eerily similar to his father’s, which was never solved. Coincidence? No, Dean doesn’t believe in coincidences. He also doesn’t believe in love at first sight, until he meets the victim’s wife.  Psychologist Heidi Novak is hardly settling into her new mansion in the small, country town of Berry Springs, when she receives a late-night visit by the handsome Dean Walker. Seconds after learning that her husband has been murdered, gunshots explode around her and it becomes apparent that she is the next target.  With a massive winter storm looming, Dean races to find the killer and keep Heidi safe, while facing a long list of suspects, including Heidi’s arrogant sister-in-law and a local, crusty cowboy. As the evidence mounts, Dean becomes more convinced than ever that his father’s murder is connected to the death of Heidi’s husband.  And he can’t help but think . . . will Heidi be the second love he loses to the ice-cold killer?    CLICK TO BUY
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