Moments after an explosion rocks the sisters of Black Rose Investigations, Private Investigator Roxy Knight discovers two human skeletons buried in a secret tunnel under their stone mansion. Although rumor has it that the previous homeowners—a genius doctor and his wife—simply disappeared one day, the crack in his skull says otherwise. Is it possible they were murdered? More importantly, what were they hiding?   Fire Chief Weston Cage begins to believe he got more than he bargained for at his new job when he meets the emotionally icy but sizzling hot Roxy Knight, who seems to have the weight of the world on her shoulders—and two corpses under her house. As the clues to the mysterious skeletons lead them to a grisly murder, Weston fears that Roxy has taken on more than she can handle, and is getting too close to the killer.   Although their chemistry is undeniable, Roxy has more important things to worry about, like solving the skeleton mystery and finding Krestel, the witch of the Great Shadow Mountains who tried to kill her sisters. And Roxy will stop at nothing to keep her family safe… even though her current case might put her six feet under. 
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